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Big ambitions and hopes 


The idea for "Homs League Abroad" begun to meet under her shadow the men and women of the province of Homs deployed on all continents because love for our city of Homs is that unites us

 And joint work on the construction and development and progress and advancement is the one who brings us together

We revealed this League to work together hand-in-hand men and women to achieve these ambitions,which are the hopes and  dreams of every member from Province of Homs

Homs League Abroad is an independent, civil, non-profit organization that assemble the people of Homs abroad,
and has interest in all humanitarian, social, cultural, educational, developmental and services causes, which would reflect with prosperity and value on the people of Homs living abroad and those who live on the soil of Syria in all their categories.

The Membership in League is open to any man or woman from Homs or anybody who is near with the people of Homs, who live in the Diaspora

And that through completing the membership form and paying a membership fee.

 Each member shall be entitled to equal and effective participation in this Association because we are all partners in achieving the goals

 Big ambitions and hopes combine the skills and expertise of the Syrians from province of Homs in a cooperated work for the sake of human development

Homs League Abroad


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