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Achievments of Homs League Abroad


Purchasing medicines for Syrians – Amman Office

Purchasing medicines for Syrians – Amman Office 01/09/2013:
Homs League Abroad (Germany Office) in cooperation with Amman Office purchased various medicines with a total cost of €5,000. 
Amman Office was in charge of receiving the medicines and guaranteeing the delivery into our people in Syria.

Medical Help Jordan Amman


Providing the patients with essentials – Amman Office

Providing the patients with essentials – Amman Office 24/08/2013:

Homs League Abroad (Amman Office) assigned two days a week to examine and check all the diabetes and blood pressure patients.
Doctors and pharmacists from Homs are to support and supervise the checking process.
The work is still in progress to provide the monthly medicine needs of the patients for free and to help as many patients as we can.

Medicaments Amman Office

Samples of course books in new layouts

Homs League Abroad is a co-founder member of the Syria Corporation for Education.
The League has contributed in designing the curriculum from grade 1 to 12.
It has also contributed in designing the covers of the 204 course books which are now in press.

New Books Samples

Some of the Homs League Abroad projects in Jordan

Some of the Homs League Abroad projects in Jordan 24/07/2013:

Many people from Homs were forced during the current hardships to immigrate either to Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, or other countries.
Due to the hard conditions of living as such, and as one of the major objectives of the league is to help all people of Homs and Syria in general,
the Homs League Abroad carried out a number of projects where the Syrians are living. 
In the following report, the light is shed on the projects achieved in Jordan.
The Homs League Abroad team distributed nominal sums of money onto 30 families in Al Zarqa town to help sustain them.
In Al Zarqa also, the Homs League Abroad paid the rents of 30 families for a month. 12 families in Al Ramtha and 28 in Irbid have been supported as well.
The League did not only distribute money but also purchased cleaning materials and distributed them as packages
(2L shampoo, 2 hand-dish liquid packs, 1.5kg washing powder, and 5 soap bars) onto 500 families in a ‘Clean Basket’ project.

The figures show the shares of the ‘Clean Basket’ projects.

Cleaning Products Help

Future Girls short course

Future Girls short course Kuwait Office, 10/04/2013

The Homs League Abroad (Kuwait Office) ran the ‘Future Girls’ short course. All the proceedings went towards relief projects in Homs.
The short course included handcrafts, drawing, and weaving, as well as carrying out some interesting scientific experiments which suit
the ages of the participating girls (8-14 years old). The Homs League Abroad (Kuwait Office) is grateful for all those who contributed to
the success of this activity. Special thanks go to the school manager for offering the classrooms for free. We would like also to thank
Basemah, Ramia, Layla, Rasha, and Suja for devoting their time and efforts to
serve people inside Syria, may Allah reward them all.

Schoolarship Girls Kuwait Office

Summer courses for pupils

Summer courses for pupils (Kuwait Office) 30/06/2013

In cooperation with Al Gharra society in Jordan and coordination with Amman Office, Homs League Abroad has sponsored 200 Syrian
elementary school pupils in Jordan by paying the total cost of their tuition fees for the summer course, including the stationary and transport.
The summer course aimed to compensating the pupils for what they had missed because of the hardships they faced. Some pupils were 9 years old,
however they had no chance to learn reading and writing because they had missed the induction to last academic year having arrived a bit late
to Jordan, i.e. after the deadline to register at Jordanian schools. Some other problems emerged later when many families could not send their
children to schools because they could not afford the tuition fees and other costs. Mr Khaled Habannakeh, Chairman of Al Gharra Society,
opened the summer course, then a chorus of pupils sang a popular song “Homs the Land of Peace”. After that rucksacks and personal kits
were distributed to all of the pupils before they start their classes. 
We ask Allah the Almighty that He grant success to all our dear pupils.
Thanks go to all those who contributed and supported this project.

Schoolarship Help Jordan


Homs League Abroad visit to Turkey for scholarships purposes

Homs League Abroad visit to Turkey for scholarships purposes 31/01/2013

A team from Homs League Abroad visited Turkey during 22-24/01/2013 to secure scholarships for Syrian students.
The team visited Düzce University and the Institute for Turkish Language in Düzce. The team discussed with the Institute Manager, Mr Hasan,
the issue of learning Turkish language. He confirmed readiness to host the Syrian students and supporting them educationally and psychologically
and offering discounts for them as much as the institute could. 
It has been agreed basically that the Syrian students come to Düzce on 10/02/2013
and start their academic year with an intense short course from 15 Feb to 15 Aug 2013 to learn Turkish language in order to be able to pursue
their university studies in Turkish. The Turkish syllabus (TÖMER) will be adopted in accordance with the major institute adopted by the
Turkish government to teach Turkish language for foreign learners in Ankara. Our students will be given certificates of the language course.

Later on, our team visited the university to set the arrangements, and they were promised to have as many Syrian students admitted as possible,
after having passed the Turkish language courses since language is the major obstacle for students who go to the universities whose teaching
language is only Turkish. 
Moreover, both sides discussed the issue students accommodation.
The league team visited and viewed some of the available accommodation sites to select the most convenient one. Meanwhile, Mr Ayub Zorlu,
the league commissioner in Turkey, is working to find the best site for our male and female students.

Homs League Abroad has announced the scholarships availability to receive applications. The offered places are limited, however the league
received numerous applications and the relevant committee is interviewing every single applicant before making the decision to accept them or not.

We wish from the bottom of our hearts the success for all of our student, and we hope that we can serve them at our best.

Achievments 4


The Homs League Abroad meeting with the Combined Group (CGC) in Kuwait

The Homs League Abroad meeting with the Combined Group (CGC) in Kuwait 06/10/2012

The Homs League Abroad work team, chaired by the league president, Mr. Husam Al Sebaee, and representatives of the CGC hoeld a meeting
on Saturday, 06/10/2012, at 11 a.m. in Kuwait. The Combined Group (CGC) is one of the biggest contracting and construction companies in Kuwait.

At the beginning of the meeting, the CGC representative introduced themselves, their company, and the nature and size of their work.
On the other hand, our team introduced themselves, Homs League Abroad and its basic ideas.
The following points have been discussed:

- Explaining the importance focusing on the social and human sciences and creating leadership from childhood.
- The importance of the scientific and educational issues at present and in the future, especially concerning the refugees.
- Putting forward the idea of forming a body of business to finance the scholarships systematically.
  Also, contacting other groups who had a prior experience in this concern and making use of their experience (e.g. Al Hariri Group).

- Presenting the league scholarship project and how to prepare the Syrian students to enrol in the foreign universities, and discussing the terms and conditions.
- Discussing the mechanism of financing the league by means of endowments and investments.
- Discussing the possible ways to unify the provinces leagues under the umbrella of one major league in the future.
At the end, the two sides agreed on some practical steps to cooperate. Homs League Abroad thanked the CGC for their positive cooperation.

Achievments 5


Homs League Abroad meeting with Patients Helping Fund Society in Kuwait


Homs League Abroad meeting with Patients Helping Fund Society in Kuwait 06/10/2012

On Saturday, 06/10/2012 at 8 p.m. a meeting was held between Homs League Abroad and the Patients Helping Fund Society in Kuwait.
The meeting was attended by Mr Husam Al Sebaee, Eng Ayman Nshewati, Eng Basel Shaheen and Dr Reda Noah from the league,
whereas the society was represented by Dr Muhammad Al Sharhan and Eng Aref Al Museyree.

In the beginning of the meeting, Eng Aref introduced the works and projects of the Patients Helping Fund Society.
After that, Mr Husam explained the idea of the Homs League Abroad, its objectives and work process.

Dr Al Sharhan suggested that the administrative and organizational track should be added to the current tracks
in the league in order to be able to lead the country. 
Eng Aref explained that the society is ready to offer advice, consultation
and medical advice and not only the financial support. 
At the end of the meeting, Homs League Abroad thanked the Patients
Helping Fund Society for their hospitality along with the continuing efforts of bilateral cooperation.

Achievments 6


Opening the Homs League Abroad office in Germany

 Opening the Homs League Abroad office in Germany 15/06/2012

On Friday, 15/06/2012 Homs League Abroad officially its office in Münster, Germany. Later on, 15/07/2012, the league opened its office
in the city to be a centre for the league’s activities from the heart of Europe to encompass the efforts and powers
in service of our dear Homs and our beloved Homsi people.

Achievments 7



University Scholarships

University Scholarships 24/01/2013:


Homs League Abroad secured a number of scholarships for the secondary school certificate holders, with priority for those inside Syria
or who were forced to flee to neighbouring countries.

The scholarship details:
- Intensive course to learn Turkish language for 6 months (from 15 Feb 2013 to 15 Aug 2013) in Turkey, and qualifying the students
to enrol in Turkish universities and study in Turkish language starting from Sept 2013.

- Securing accommodation, food, and tuition fees during the Turkish language course.
- Helping the students to choose the suitable universities during the language course by applying to different universities.
- Securing accommodation, food, and tuition fees when the student is accepted at a Turkish university.
For more details and enquiries, please contact the students mail service at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
for application forms:
- http://www.mediafire.com/?cwjihyfiids7z
- with our best wishes for dear students.

Students banner







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