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Open forum consultative meeting on the situation in Homs

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Open forum consultative meeting on the situation in Homs.
An open forum consultative meeting on the situation in Homs, Cairo Office, 10/02/2013
Members of the Homs League Abroad Cairo Office met on Sunday February 10, 2012 to discuss ways that may help to lift the siege on our people within the city of Homs in addition to discussing the affairs of those arriving from Syria to Egypt.

First annual Homs League Abroad meeting

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First annual Homs League Abroad meeting in the city of Hannover - Germany 27/01/2013

The first annual Homs League Abroad meeting was held in the city of Hannover, northern Germany, on Sunday 01/27/2013
The meeting was attended by a gathering of families from Homs who arrived from various parts of Germany and participated in the event.
The meeting opened with the reading of surah Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs and followed with the chanting of the Syrian national anthem. Soon after, the meeting began with a welcoming message from Dr. Rabie Shaheen, Manager of the Homs League Abroad – Germany office.
Dr. Rabie welcomed the attendees and stated that Homs is waiting from us all to stand by her during these difficult times and we are required to extend our helping hand for our families and our people.
This was followed by a shared message by Dr. Osamah Al-Sibai and Mr. Marwan Al-Jouja who presented a medical project that Homs League Abroad started working on one month earlier and its most up-to-date results. Dr.Osamah emphasized to the gathering the need to support this vital project where immediately the attendees expressed their willingness to support this project.
Next was a message by Mr. Husam Al-Sibai who presented the most important achievements by Homs League Abroad from the beginning of its establishment for the year 2012 and that the new year, 2013, will God willing be a year of work and real achievements for the League’s projects that has been laid out for this year. In addition, Mr. Husam shared the vision of the action plan and how we can begin the process of actual implementation. Mr. Husam confirmed that we live in great blessings from security, stability, nutrition, health and limitless luxury; as such our duty is to ensure we can share the feelings and sympathize with our people and their pain as well as stand by them with all that we can especially after the rest of the world had abandoned them. He urged all to not stop short, neither with their money or time, in their support for the League’s projects that will have a direct benefit to our people. Also, that we must explore all opportunities available and to not slow down at all as this is the minimum that we can do.
Following was a message from Dr. Yasser Al-Hamwi, the League’s representative responsible for the education file in Germany. Dr Al-Hamwi explained that he has begun work on the preparation of a number of programs for those students wishing to complete their masters and their doctorate degrees. Also, he is seeking to get academic sponsorship for 20 students, a goal set out by Homs League Abroad for 2013, and once the preparation is complete an official announcement will be made.
Next was a word by Dr. Yasser Alsoufi who described for the audience the difficulties of the patients he witnessed while in Rihannia, Turkey. He described how they are in need of those who can provide for their medical needs because the need is much greater than what all the active organizations working in this field can handle, may Allah grant them great reward, because the magnitude of the disaster is tremendous.
Immediately following was the participation of Dr. Hassan Bali, who was attending his first Homs League gathering. He shared his great pleasure in the massive work that is being put forward by his people from Homs and that he is willing to provide his long experience and extensive ties to the service of Homs and its people through Homs League Abroad.
Next was Mr. Hakam Saffour who presented a film produced by himself and his spouse Mrs. Azza Raslan. The film collected the pains with the ambitions and hopes for the rebuilding of Homs as well as the work to support and stand with Homs in these difficult times as the alleviation is only inevitable no matter how long the oppression lasts.
The final word was for Dr. Marwan Ksebi who thanked the attendees once more and urged them to support Homs League projects and that this year will be a year of work and achievement for the League with the efforts and sacrifice of all depending on everyone’s abilities and circumstances.
The gathering ended with the announcement of the current acting Homs League Abroad team in Germany until the end of 2013 and composed of:
Dr. Rabih Shaheen – Dr. Marwan Ksebi – Dr. Osamah Al-Sibai – Dr. Samer Al-Soufi – Mrs. Mayan Jandali
Dr. Natheer Atassi – Dr. Yasser Al-Hamwi – Mrs. Huda Sherbek – Dr. Abdulmonem Atassi – Mrs. Azza Raslan – Mr. Marwan Al-Jouja – Mr. Hakkam Safour
The audience wished the team all the success in the achievements of the League’s programs, God willing. We ask Allah to realize for us what has been put forward and to make us all servants for our people and our country


Honoring the human rights activist Anwar Malek

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Honoring the human rights activist Anwar Malek 2013-1-12

The Homs League Abroad, Jeddah office presented on 2013-1-12 the honoring of the human rights activist “Anwar Malek” (member of the Arab Observer Mission to Syria) for his dignified humanitarian position with our people in Syria.


Consultation meeting for the Homs League Abroad Executive Office

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Consultation meeting for the Homs League Abroad Executive office - 2012/12/27

In the attendance of Dr. AbdulKarim Bakkar and the members of the Board of Directors, a meeting of the representatives of the Executive offices of Homs League Abroad was held on Thursday Dec. 27/2012 in Jeddah.
The meeting was attended by a number of members (men & women) from the various executive office both in person and via Skype.
During the meeting, a presentation of the League’s Action Plan for the year 2013 was presented as well as the proposed mode of action. By which, the share of each of the League’s offices was determined to implement the action plan as well as increase their membership. There was discussion of various ideas on how to connect with Homs to implement the League’s work in addition to the presentation of the Leagues organizational structure. Also, an explanation was made on how to best coordinate the work between the various offices of the League and the Board of Directors. In conclusion, an opportunity was opened to debate various issues and the listening of suggestions that was noted such that they can be analyzed and utilized in the final drafting of the rules and procedures of the League.


Kuwait – First Homs League Abroad Launch Gathering

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First Homs League Abroad Launch Gathering – Kuwait  10/05/2012

With more than 100 in attendance, Eng. Ayman Nechewati opened the first Homs League Abroad Launch in Kuwait by first thanking all the attendees for accepting the invitation and for their presence. He then presented to them the need to form a Homsy gathering abroad that neither has political or specific religious identity to represent Homs, the place that gave birth to a Roman Empress, the father of the constitution Abu Hashem Atassi, the Islamic thinker Mostafa Al-Sibai and to the communist opposition representative Riad Al-Turk….
Thereafter, Mr. Husam Al-Sibai presented the background of the League’s idea and objectives as well as its mode of action. Soon after two films showing the challenges and the structure of the League were presented to the gathering. Upon completion, a team was for the League in Kuwait was formed consisting of Eng. Ayman Nechewati, Eng. Mazen Sanoufi and Eng. Bassel Shaheen and finally the invitation to the audience to register with the League which was warmly welcomed with such a positive response by the attendees. The gathering ended with a Q&A session and the noting of some suggested ideas and a commitment to the organization of a general conference for the League in Kuwait at the earlier possible date.


Cairo - The first Homs League Abroad Gathering

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                Cairo – First Homs League Abroad Gathering - 08/10/2012

On 08/10/2012 in Cairo the first Homs League Abroad Gathering took place with a very large attendance of Homs families living in Egypt. The attendees listened as a detailed description of the activities and the nature of the League’s work was presented by Mr. Husam Al-Sibai, the founder of Homs League Abroad.  Thereafter, Mr. Ahmad Ksebi presented how one can join and become a member of the League and how the Cairo branch will and how they may be able to support their families in the Homs Province.  Soon most of the attendees registered to join the League’s membership and will, God Willing, soon see the start of activities for the League in its various ways, whether it is humanitarian relief, educational or construction. 

Germany – Homs League Abroad Foundation Conference

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Germany - Homs League Abroad Foundation Conference - 05/06/2012

The Homs League Abroad Foundation Conference was held on Sunday May 6 / 2012 in Germany where the League was launched and presented its objectives, mode of action and its implementation. A task force for the League was formed to follow-up in Germany and may God make it easy.

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Homs League Abroad was officially registered on Friday, 15.06.2012 in Munster, Germany. 
And on sunday,15.07.2012 the League opened an office in the city as a working center in the heart of Europe to pool efforts and energies to serve our city and its people.


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