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Our Goals

The League aims to contribute effectively to the development and the construction of the Homs province and the provision of various services...

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to be one of the leading institutions of civil society in Syria, which has local and global respect...

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The secret of success and progress in any society is in confluence of minds and the diverse experiences and competencies...

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 Project for Syrian Widows and Orphans Care and Rehabilitation

The project aims to provide 10,000 blankets for familiesOrphan And Widow Project small 
 that they need to prevent the freezing cold of winter, 
either in the form of blankets or sleeping bags,
and single or double blankets ... 



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Humanitarian Aid - Child Bag

The project aims to provide this bag to 1000 Child Package
children per month. 
The bag contains baby milk and baby
food with diapers ...




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 Families Of The Martyrs

The project aims to take care of and to ensure 300 Family Help
Families of the martyrs and their support financially

to help them for morally and decent life ...


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Humanitarian Aid - Orphans Help

The project aims to contribute to the care of 1000 Orphans
orphans and support them financially and morally

And to ensure that they get a decent life ...




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About Homs

Historic Sites…

Historic Sites

One of the most famous historical sites…




Homs is situated in central Syria river,…


From History…

From History

Homs is one of the oldest cities in the…




Homs witnessed successive periods of…


Introductory Clip (English Subtitles)

Produced by: HLA
Realisation : TaraMedia
Graphic: Abdullah Shamse Basha
Directed by: Amar Al Taraze


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